Friday, 13 May 2011

Think it yourself

                      exam da hbis bhaii...huh ! lega aq...
                 means x hbis sume..tgal sbjek psv and svk...
                                    juz circle2 je ...
                            that subjk not important...
             monday is teacher`s dare teacher ask
                               pupil to pay RM4 !!
                       pksa lah aq sgala bgai..i would not pay !!
                                  even mother`s day
                         i can`t give my mother some present
                       ( juz sad am I..duit POKAI  )
                            why are the pupil so stupid??
                     they can`t give their mother a present ,
                      but they give teacher many2 present...
                                      think it yourself !!
                              who are more important??
                                              huh !!
                   but....redha je diorg aq lain..
                            ntohle...i dont know how to say..